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The Consequences of Attacking Jim Webb

My post on Obama pre-emptively castrating Jim Webb preceeded Webb’s withdrawal from the VP-search by a little more than two-weeks.

We will never really know what went on then — why Obama decided to kill Webb-for-Vice-President agitation by making it known that he would be subordinate to a politically connected friend from Chicago, or why Jim Webb waited two weeks to slap Obama back.

Even though Webb’s understanding of economics was not top-notch, he had a proven record of working across the aisle (as the Navy Secretary for a Republican President to a Democratic Congress) and also a great insight into military culture, serving as a Marine, earning numerous medals, and writing books such as Micronesia and U.S. Pacific Strategy, Fields of Fire, and Born Fighting.

Unfortunately, Obama publicly humiliated Webb, and Webb responded by humiliating Obama back. As Webb would have helped Obama quite a bit — those who ethnically self-identify as “Americans” consistently voted against him in the primaries, Obama keeps inflicting miliary problems on himself, I presume Obama’s aides dislike something that Webb brings to the table.

Too bad.