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Review of “Lost: Via Domus”

I celebrated my official assession to Doctoral Candidacy (and some other good news) by finishing LOST: Via Domus, which I began a while ago. Via Domus (translated as “The Way Home” in the game”), is composed of four “episodes” that take place parallel to the main action of LOST: Force Majeure, A New Day, Via Domus, Forty-Two, Hotel Persephone, Whatever It Takes, and Worth a Thousand Words, each with about an hour of gamepplay. The game concerns a character who wakes up shortly after the original airline crash, not knowing his name or why he was onboard.

The island is beautifully rendered, but unfortunately one cannot explore much of it. Like Half-Life 2, there is an invisible rail that guides the player. At all times, there is a right thing to do, and a right place to be. This can be annoying, as alternative solutions that do not fit within the pre-written story are generally impossible to execute. At times this is annoying, such as when your character refuses to take a little detour, and instead has to run away from a smoke monster while carrying dynamite.

However, while gameplay can be limiting, the writing is fantastic. In most games, you play through the protaganist. In via domus, you play as him. The first time I realized this I was perturbed, but then I realized it was an original perspective on gameplay. While the main character decides what he wants, it is your puppeteering that gets him there. This at times raises moral qualms. The ending is more satisfying than most video game endings, as well.

I enjoyed LOST: Via Domus. I recommend it to anyone with an XBOX 360 or a sufficiently powerful PC.

Captain and the Kings

I was listening to the gspn LOST podcast last night, and was delighted when the closing song was “Can’t Do This On my Own” by Captain and the Kings (an unsigned band). The song is terrific! I can’t find Captain and the Kings on Amazon, iTunes, or other sources, and even their MySpace Music does not have the “buy option enabled.” To listen to the band when my internet connection is fritzy I had to resort to FreeMusicZilla, but I want badly to purchase a full album — the five songs on my space are just not enough!


Now that I’ve said how enjoyable Captain and the Kings are, I’ll take a moment to geek out. I suspect the reason Cliff @ gspn played “Can’t Do this On My Own” are the thematic resemblences between the song and the story of the main character of the most recent episode of LOST, “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.”

There’s trouble all around
and iI don’t know what to do
I can trust myself
but I know I can’t trust you
Change my name, dye my hair, and start again
is that what I should do?
You won’t know who I am
but I’ll still know you

Start telling me
What I want to hear
Let’s have the truth for a change
The end is drawing near
Time and time and time and time again
Find myself alone
While I’m crying out for help
I can’t do this on my own

I can’t do this on my own
I can’t do this one alone

There’s a cross-roads up ahead
And each rode looks just the same
I’m listening for your voice
I want someone to blame
All my hopes squared high
I told everyone I knew
I want plans to make it work
I guess they’ve fallen through

I can’t do this on my own
I can’t do this one alone

Listen to Captain and the Kings at MySpace Music.

The Vincent Flashback

Since early on, I’ve heard expectations of a LOST flashback featuring Vincent the dog.

I think I just got in in “Lost – Missing Pieces 13 – So It Begins,” which you can probably find on youtube. So It Begins takes place during the first seconds of the pilot and immediately before.

Very good, and ties in to the premier of Season 4 quite well.

I’m never reading National Review Online Again

Putting up a detailed spoiler for an episode that hasn’t even finished airing in California, let alone for people who watch it via iTunes, is sickening. It’s bad form and bad sportsmanship. It’s hateful blog “journalism” that I want nothing of.

A reader — with who I am not happy with, pending an explanation — sent the spoiler in to me. If I had read even the second line a major plot development would have been revealed.

I’m not linking to the article, and I’m not linking to that blog. Left or Right, smart or dumb, Podhoretz’s post was unprofessional and juvenile. I want nothing to do with the National Review or John Podhoretz.

The sidebar links to all National Review properties are removed within the day. As time permits, I’ll purge them from the archives (though I will leave the manually URL or else use a nofollow tag, so that all sources on this blog can be checked).

LOST Friends

“… I’ll be there for you
when our jet falls from the sky…

LOST Friends

Sadly, that line is not in the new theme song for LOST (replacing Alan Thicke’s quixotic rendition), but the good-time happiness of the Friends score does a lot to lighten a famously dark TV series.

Everyone’s Favorite Survivor

Props to LOSTCasts for discovering the link. Also check out the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (now known as “Rifftrax”) parody of the LOST pilot. And also the Bare Naked Hurley song parodies (h/t to Jay & Jack).