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Brilliant, baby!

I may not have determined if the Bush-McCain-Kennedy immigration compromise was slightly good overall, or slightly bad overall, but the Republican netroots have proven one thing:

No matter how hard your party works to integrate latinos into a political coalition, talk radio hosts and bloggers can blow it in a month.

Brilliant, baby!

“No to Amnesty” may be incoherent when it comes from a party that would not freeze corporate taxbreaks until every corporate criminal is brought to justice it, but why should it? Talk radio says so!

Brilliant, baby!

But no matter how inane the worst conservative influence make the Republicans, Nancy Pelosi is out to prove that, no matter how brain-dead the Republican netroots are, her Democratic Party is even worse. The latest scheme?

Speech quotas.

Brilliant, baby!

Republican Netroots Help Democrats

Hernandez, R. 2007. Hispanic voters enjoy new clout with Democrats. New York Times. 10 June 2007. Available online: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/10/washington/10hispanics.html?hp.

When I started this blog, grassroot suicidal foolishness of this scale was typically reserved for the lunatics at Daily Kos.

Helped by the fight over immigration, Democrats seeking their party’s presidential nomination are moving to court Hispanic voters like never before, as a string of early primary states with sizable Hispanic voting blocs prompt candidates to hire outreach consultants, start Spanish-language Web sites and campaign vigorously before Hispanic audiences.

The battle for Hispanic voters is a result of the decision by several states with large Hispanic populations to move their presidential primaries to early 2008, including California, Florida and New York. Roughly two-thirds of the nation’s Hispanic residents live in nine of the states that will hold Democratic primaries or caucuses on or before Feb. 5.

Strategists say the influence of Hispanic voters is likely to be amplified next year because of an unusually intense response in many Hispanic communities to immigration policy. Conservative Republicans, with the help of some left-leaning Democrats, teamed up to derail an immigration bill in the Senate on Thursday that would have provided a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Contempt for latin Americans was once most visible on the left, too.

The Party of God (Or Not)

Religion shouldn’t play role in awards,” by Stu Whitney, Sioux Falls Argus Leader, 29 April 2005, http://www.argusleader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050429/COLUMNISTS05/504290334/1062/COLUMNISTS.

Stu Whitney and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)” by Chad Schuldt, Clean Cut Kid, 13 May 2005, http://www.cleancutkid.com/2005/05/13/stu-whitney-and-the-fellowship-of-christian-athletes-fca/.

Dan M.” by Chad Schuldt, Clean Cut Kid, 13 May 2005, http://www.cleancutkid.com/2005/05/13/stu-whitney-and-the-fellowship-of-christian-athletes-fca/.

Remember how the South Dakota Democrat netroots found Religion?


Neither do they

Speaking at the Elmen Center last spring, former University of Nebraska assistant football coach Ron Brown told about 400 high school students that homosexuality is a sin.

As some in the audience shifted uncomfortably, Brown went on to tell his young listeners that more than 43 million babies have been “executed” since abortion was made legal in America.

If the former coach was addressing a Christian youth rally, his fervor may have seemed fitting. But the majority of these students were from the Sioux Falls School District, and they were excused from class to attend a sports-based awards luncheon.The event, held for the 34th time Wednesday, is a local tradition known as the Honor Athlete Awards. Sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, it rewards college and high school students for excellence in athletic and academic achievement, as well as community involvement.

“It’s unique to have the FCA, the schools and the city all together,” says Hugh Venrick, who represents the chamber’s Sports and Recreation Committee. “To my knowledge, it’s the only event like this in the country.”But some of the FCA-picked speakers, especially Brown, have offered a message radical enough to make the event’s connection to the city and school district appear inappropriate.

We still separate church and state in this country – which means public schools should not be involved in the promotion of religious beliefs. Period.


I guess Whitney’s remarks are another example of Christians being “persecuted”, based on some of the letters that have found their way into the Argus opinion page. It always scares me to read letters from fundamentalist Christians because they represent fringe groups that are what is worst about what is not only my favorite religion, but the faith I try to teach my children. When I read what these fundamentalist wackos write, half the time I’m not sure how to react after I pick myself up off the floor.

My thinking lately is not only am I offended because these wackos have distorted my religion, but I have to wonder how much faith these fundamentalists really hold. And this probably applies less to this public-school sanctioned sports award banquet, but it does cut across all the wacky activity we have seen spring up in the past several years involving the crossing of religion with public schools and other government entities: Do these “Christians” have so little faith in the power of the message of Jesus Christ they feel it is necessary to subvertly use government to force religion on those who may or may not want to hear the message.

and, it gets even stranger

You are correct. Perhaps I should have been more clear: This event was not a school event – it was paid for with private funds.

So what’s the issue?

In South Dakota, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is up with 4H and the National Rifle Association as universally adored entities. FCA is also popular nationally. The insanity of attacking the FCA is beyond me. CCK Chad denies he is doing that — Chad is incoherent wrong.

This also highlights a real problem for Dems, both stateside and nationally. The national Democrats have stuck to a simple message – “No!” – on every issue. A fast decision cycle (OODA: Observe: “Bush is saying something.” Orient: “We oppose Bush.” Decide: “Say ‘No!'” Act: “No!”) and a coherent message are advantages of the Second Generation of Modern Politics (2GP) approach.

South Dakota netroots are trying for maneuver politics — Third Generation of Modern Politics (3GP). But without an idea of how to maneuver, and with no ideas of what to maneuver for, maneuvers become flip-flips. Pretend to be the party of God? Great idea! Criticize the too Godly? Great idea! See any problem with this incoherence? Absolutely not!

The South Dakota Democrats should do a Herseth — adopt Republican principles in a Republican state — or a Reid — at least act coherently. Currently the Sodakdem netroots are doing neither.

Update: Shout-out to Chad at CCK, for spotting a technical problem on this page.

Judging Hillary By Her Enemies

Iraq Withdrawal Date Would Be Mistake-Sen. Clinton,” Reuters, http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=domesticNews&storyID=7682004&src=rss/domesticNews, 20 February 2005 (from DU).

The news itself merely continues the saga Hillary the Sane in the American Tory Party:

Setting a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq would offer a “green light” to the insurgency there and could undermine the fledgling Iraqi government, U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said on Sunday.

“I think it would be a mistake,” she said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program. “We don’t want to send a signal to the insurgents, to the terrorists, that we are going to be out of here at some date certain.”

“I think that would be like a green light to go ahead and just bide your time,” the New York Democrat said.

Aside from the strange use of “date certain,” instead of “certain date,” nothing else is new. I won’t be voting for Madame Clinton, but she is a basically good persona and basically good politican.

But considering some Democratic Underground comments, Hil is my kind of gal!

First, the most coherent reply:

she’s not the messiah folks…she’s a DLC centrist establishment Democratic socialite of the upper-class rich of this nation.

She’s not with the people…she’s not concerned with doing “the right thing”…and people should stop placing faith in her to “lead us out of the wilderness”.

and Mrs. Clinton forgets that those insurgents will be there when they do leave…it’s not like by not announcing the date, they are going to give up because they never know when the U.S. is leaving.

Clinton, in a circular way, is actually revealing the unassailable logic of the Iraq War (which dictates that the insurgency will win). Sooner or later, the U.S. will have to leave…the patience of the Shiites has worn thin..and only through their moderation has the United States even been able to stay in Iraq. If Sen. Clinton thinks that the U.S. will have a comfortable stay in Iraq until the time to leave…she’s crazy.

And some funnier ones:

Why look, she took money from the PACs of both General Electric and Northrop Grumman.

Gee, there couldn’t be any conflict of interest between those wanting to continue the war and receiving “defense” contractor money at the same time, right?


Hillary Clinton: war criminal.

Her whole-hearted embrace of the slaughter in Iraq places her on equal moral footing with Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush.

It is one thing to have been grotesquely wrong about Iraq, as Hillary was from the start. But to compound that failure by continuing, in the face of all evidence, to support this murderous war…

…well, Hillary, you’re simply a collaborator.


Referring to insurgent strategy concerning a date for U.S. withdrawal:

“I think that would be like a green light to go ahead and just bide your time,” the New York Democrat said.

What, exactly, would it mean for the insurgents to “bide their time”?

Does that mean they would hold off making major attacks until after U.S. troops left? If so, wouldn’t that give reconstruction efforts and the fledgling Iraqi government the opportunity to make some progress?

The last thing the insurgents want is to let up and give their foes a chance to establish stability or something approaching security and normality.

The “bide your time” argument is a transparently illogical excuse for keeping a permanent U.S. presence there. What Miz Clinton and others are trying to establish is a conventional wisdom that rejects any firm committment to exit Iraq.


Sad but true

Future of world peace lies with US empire collapsing ASAP
. And the future of American people lies with progressive anti-corporate forces left of the corrupt two-party system.