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Network Politics, Part 1, 0GW/4GW: Iraqi Sunnis

Note: This is a selection from Network Politics, a tdaxp series.


Earlier I described the fusion of Pre-Modern (or 0GW) and 4G nets, using the religious right in America as an example. Combining the will to power of 4G networks with the strength of families, the American Right Christian are exerting their power as never before.

But what if the situation called for going beyond politics? What if the PM/4G networks were ready to kill people?

Welcome to the insurgency in Iraq

First, take a boring family tree:


Three generations are shown, as well as three original couples. At the time of the diagram there are 12 males, of which five are married (more interested in stability) and seven are single (less interested in stability). Now imagine one of the more influential single males joins the insurgency and, drawing on family rule sets (“heeding your uncle,” “protecting the family,” etc.) recruits four others…

A Fourth-Generation network attached to a Pre-Modern network!

So how is this PMW/4GW hybrid defeated? It has the strengths of both kind of organizations, so it is undefeatable?


One option would be to lakota the insurgency. The Lakota Sioux was a violent Indian nation with a history of aggressive warfare. Allying with the United States in several early Indian wars, the Lakota eventually began massacring white settlers and succeeded in ethnically cleansing the Dakota Territory. After the convention war ended, the Federal Government responded with a hellish system of boarding school designed the destroy Lakota Sioux culture. The federal government succeeded. By removing children from their families and placing them in an alien environment that Lakota culture was not adapted to, it obliterated the Lakota ability to make war. While some warriors will remain, the fighting networks are shattered and the Pre-Modern Networks – families – fade away.

Children, Removed from Pre-Modern Net, Under State-Control

The downsides are numerous

  • Violation of human rights
  • Fits some definitions of “genocide”
  • Unlikely democratic Iraqi government will support
  • Unlikely Coalition members will support
  • Unlikely American people will support

In other words, the Lakota Option would be a massive American moral Isolation [PISRR] attack on America. Not a future worth creating.

More attractive is targeted denial of service attacks.

I earlier described a real-life DOS attack. DOS attacks are a form of “node takedown” or “politics of personal destruction” where the goal is to prevent leaders (ironically called “servers,” because they “serve” information) from talking to followers (called “clients”). Instead of America being morally isolated, we morally isolate the anti-Iraqis. Here’s how:

  1. Police capture any insurgent from the clan.
  2. Every single male is taken for questioning
  3. Police determine which single males are opinion leaders. No confessions are accusations are needed. The police only need to know which single males in the family are considered “important” or “honorable.”
  4. Police then launch the DOS attack on the single male opinion leaders. This can be indefinite detention, spreading disinformation that the targets themselves are cooperating, public humiliation (particularly sexual in a conservative society like Iraq), etc. No one needs to be tortured or killed. But the single male opinion network must be shattered
  5. Afterwards, the formerly important and honorable single males are disreputable. They do not attract followers from their tribe or clan.

Taking the same chart used previously, but snipping only the two leaders, we now get…


…A Peaceful Iraq!

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