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Publisher of “The Handbook of 5GW” in Forbes Magazine!

Two years ago I published The Handbook of 5GW, an edited volume of pieces that looked at the fifth gradient of warfare. My publisher in that process was Fred Zimmerman, of Nimble Books. Fred’s new venture, Nimble Combinatorial Publishing, is definitely making waves — including being in the latest edition of Forbes!

The first impulse of most people like me, who have spent much of their careers writing for love and money, is to loudly answer NO WAY. I firmly believe that it is impossible to replace the creativity of the human mind and the skill of writing learned over years with an algorithm.

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Handbook of 5GW in publishing queue

I received an email from the publisher of Nimble Books, which is the company that is producing the The Handbook of 5GW: A Fifth Generation of War? for sale.  Currently there are around 21 forthcoming Nimble Books, with the Handbook in place # 8.  Nimble averages actually publishing (getting out for sale) four-to-six books a month, meaning that the Handbook is expected (knock on wood!) by Christmas.