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Obama’s fake interviews, and his inability to communicate in English

Do you remember when Bush II’s FEMA conducted fake interviews, where government officials asked the Bush administration questions?

Obama is doing the same thing.

Obama is terrified of the press. He won’t take questions from foreign reporters. And when he’s in a serious situation, he doesn’t take questions from anyone.

This is not surprising. He is not elequent except when he reads from a script. Like Bush II, Obama has problems with the English language. He long ago failed the Quayle Test, and he regularly makes absurd and false statements that are only explained by the unreliability in which he manufacturs England-language sentences.

Many people have been aggravated by Bush II’s (George W.)’s inability to communicate a coherent message. Bush III (Barack H.) shares this same problem. Whether it is because of a real linguistic deficiency or is affected, this is dangerous for the country.