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Online Dating

I like to help out fellow bloggers.  Many times this involve linking to new blogs, discussing the podcasts they produce, etc.  Half Sigma’s approach — opening an online dating review site — is…  unique. Still, HalfSigma’s website “eDateReview” is an online dating review site of personals / singles / match-making pages.

Many other bloggers beg for money. For example, Steve Sailer has a permanent panhandling drive posted on the upper right of his blog. (I just noticed that Steve lives in Washington, CT. That’s a very expensive part of Connecticut; a place where rich people have country homes. [UPDATE: That’s not Steve Sailer’s address, but the address of the very successful Peter Brimelow who can afford to live there. Steve Sailer lives in the Los Angeles area. This all makes a lot more sense now.])

I’m not asking for anything as crass as money. I’m asking that you place a link on your website or blog to eDateReview.com, my website of online dating reviews.

Half Sigma: Half Sigma needs YOUR help.

Half Sigma’s business, eDateReview, has been mentioned by Reuters, CBS  MarketWatch, and Knight Ridder, among others.  It’s certainly an ambitious project.

Best of luck!