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Ghastly New York Times Article on Rumsfeld’s Personal Security

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,” by Peter Kilborn, New York Times, 30 June 2006, http://travel2.nytimes.com/2006/06/30/travel/escapes/30michaels.html (from Drudge Report).

A year ago, a hack writer endangered the life of a popular blogger by publishing details of her home security. Maureen O’Gara, a publishing world thug, not only

published photographs of Jones’ home and published the addresses, phone numbers and e-mail contacts not only for Jones, but for her mother and her son as well.

but also the make of the lock to O’Gara apartment.

The New York Times, in a stunning display of vindictiveness for White House criticism over a possibly illegal news story, has now published identifying descriptions of the homes of administration officials, including the location of a hidden camera.

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is not some middling public celebrity who we might wish to write a letter to, and do not otherwise know the address. The publishing of this information is beyond pointless — it is hostile.

I am sickened by the New York Times‘ invitation to assassination. At a time when we are at war with al Qaeda, the Times is choosing the wrong side.