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History Lesson

And Ehud hath come unto him, and he is sitting in the upper chamber of the wall which he hath for himself, and Ehud saith, `A word of God I have unto thee;’ and he riseth from off the throne

and Ehud putteth forth his left hand, and taketh the sword from off his right thigh, and striketh it into his belly; and the haft also goeth in after the blade, and the fat shutteth on the blade, that he hath not drawn the sword out of his belly, and it goeth out at the fundament.

Judges 3:20-22 (Young’s Literal Translation)

Video Footage of the Execution of Saddam Hussein

As I wrote elsehwere:

Saddam, his sons, and his grandson are now dead, because of his actions. Bush has now demonstrated the sort of moral courage that our country has not seen since Truman: executing an enemy head-of-government [the last one was Tojo, Japan’s wartime Prime Minister].

“Official” video of the execution of Saddam Hussein is available from Google Video, such as this BBC feed:

Additionally, Catholicgauze has obtained unofficial video of the execution, which he is hosting on his blog:

Examples like this, of course, have a long history.

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