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The origins of Dozier Internet Law’s "intellectual property" Part 1: Javascript Code

My thanks to Freesome to demonstrating how one can view Dozier Internet Law, PC’s source code without violating the terms of use. I had been relying on Slashdot‘s reporting, but I’ll use Freesome from now on.

Because Dozier has issues with intellectual honesty, I was curious how much of the javascript (the code that is executed on your computer) is original, and thus can rightfully be copyright by Dozier. In particular, there are four javascript functions defined on the page:

function CSClickReturn
function CSAction(array)
function CSAction2(fct, array)
function MPOpenPopupLite(action)

a quick trip to Google Code Search reveals numerous pages with the first three function. For instance, they are included in this “netscape bugfix code. Dozier does not acknowledge this lifting, however.

The law firm is a bit more honest with “MPOpenPopupLite,” where they provide this acknowledgement:

OpenPopUpLite 2.0.1 action by Nate Baldwin, www.mindpalette.com, copyright 2004

On a standard website, of course, this would be no big deal. But Dozier’s pecular terms of use (see a description over at Public Citizen) apperas to claim exclusive rights over other people’s work.

Dozier Internet Law did it again.

In over three years of blogging, I have never been featured on Slashdot. But Dozier has, twice, in less than a month. On October 8th and October 18th.

Again the blogosphere’s reaction has been overwhelming. (Keeping track of this is the most exhausting part of reporting on Dozier’s adventures.) The latest Slashdot story has been picked up in English by astroaztec, Curtis Schweizter, deek, Geek Feeder, hackd, and Tech Blogger.

And in Spanish by Hirnbloggade, Sigt, Un Blog Mas

And in Portuguese by Joao Matos

I apologize for reporting the second Slashdot story so late. With so much news about the firm, it’s hard to keep up.