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The Affordances of Domestic Terror

There never
seems to be a surface equal
to the needs of these people.

Curtis has an excellent post that ruminates on two discussion threads here at tdaxp – -“New York Times: Joe Stack was Right” and “A Question for Joseph Stack.” In general I agree with Curtis’s take.

The situation becomes much more interesting if the next attack against Tim Geithner’s Treasury Department is conducted by a reader of Daily Kos or Fire Dog Lake.


Is there any reason (aside from politics, obviously) why Cuba is on the list of state sponsors of terrorism but Russia is not?

It seems that Cuba does not publicly sponsor terrorists, but Russia does. Most recently, Russia has been arming and funding the ethnic cleansing of Georgians from South Ossetia by non-state actors who use organized violence against civilians as a means of achieving political objectives.

Hate Crimes

Final vote results for roll call 298, from South Dakota Politics and South Dakota War College.

The best argument in favor of Hate Crimes legislations is that Hate Crimes Laws are actually Anti-Terrorist Laws. Terrorists, such as today’s al Qaeda and yesterday’s Ku Klux Klan kill people for the same reason that politicans pass laws: to get things done. al Qaeda wants America out of the mid-east, just as the Klan wanted America out of the south-east. This subverts the political process.

Hate violence is political violence. When a black or homosexual is murdered for being in the wrong neighborhood, this killing is done by those who wish to answer the political question, “who should live in our neighborhood?“, through violence. However, if that same person was killed by his boyfriend in a quarrel, such would be a murder among murders. In the same way, if a PLO suicide bomber kills an Israeli, the world properly calls it terror and vows to pursue the terrorist to the ends of the earth. But, if that same Israeli was killed by her boyfriend, the world calls it “crime” and expects the police to handle it in the normal procedure. For that matter, the hateful political violence of 9/11, which killed almost three-thousand Americans, is considered much more serious than vitamin deficiency, which may easily top that number.

Hate crimes are attempts to subvert the political system, while regular crimes are attempt to subvert the justice system. When a man kills a friend, he attempts to go around the law-courts in a “he done me wrong” manner. He has no larger goals, and is thus merely a law-and-order threat for the country. However, when a man killers another out of hate, he attempts to go around the Congress and legislature. He is killing for a reason.

Thus, my Representative’s (Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-SD) vote against hate crimes protections for veterans and soldiers is sickening. If I gave her and Nancy Pelosi intellectual credit, I would say that are more interested in protecting their supporters from terrorist violence than they are in reducing terrorism. However, I don’t give them credit. The Democratic-Party Congress has been a disaster. Vote Republican.

Politically correct. Yes. Realistic? No

Slashdot links the Guardian‘s summary of what the UK Ministery of Defense fears the world may look like in 30 years. Some thoughts below:

Actually, this would be a revolutionary petite bourgeious…

The middle classes could become a revolutionary class, taking the role envisaged for the proletariat by Marx,” says the report. The thesis is based on a growing gap between the middle classes and the super-rich on one hand and an urban under-class threatening social order: “The world’s middle classes might unite, using access to knowledge, resources and skills to shape transnational processes in their own class interest”. Marxism could also be revived, it says, because of global inequality. An increased trend towards moral relativism and pragmatic values will encourage people to seek the “sanctuary provided by more rigid belief systems, including religious orthodoxy and doctrinaire political ideologies, such as popularism and Marxism”.

And this:

Resentment among young people in the face of unrepresentative regimes “will find outlets in political militancy, including radical political Islam whose concept of Umma, the global Islamic community, and resistance to capitalism may lie uneasily in an international system based on nation-states and global market forces”, the report warns. The effects of such resentment will be expressed through the migration of youth populations and global communications, encouraging contacts between diaspora communities and their countries of origin.

… is perhaps optimistic. Of greater concern to Europe are European Islamic No-Go Zones.

Nice bit about China though:

Tension between the Islamic world and the west will remain, and may increasingly be targeted at China “whose new-found materialism, economic vibrancy, and institutionalised atheism, will be an anathema to orthodox Islam”.

The world would be very different in 9/11 had been directed against Shanghai and Beijing. Perhaps, as China connects with more and more New Core powers and threatens Islamic ruleset absolutism, that day may still come.

Comment Upgrade: Patriotism and the Iraq War

My good friend Aaron wrote this for a post on 5th Generation War. However, the question is broad enough, and well thought out enough, to demand a thread of its own (emphasis mine)”

“I’m afraid I don’t find patriotism some quality to aspire to. It’s racism minus the pigmentary convenience. If anything, I’d say the Democratic Party is currently beholden to their electorate, who inarguably saw this election as a referendum on the war. I guess I’m curious why Herb and his type think what the Democrats are trying to do (the will of the people) is counter-intuitive to our country’s goals. If terrorism had stopped on the eve Iraq fell, I’d have to eat my words. Alas, it has not.”


Islam Without Irony, Part II: The Producers

Thanks to the generosity of a fellow officer in my dorm’s government, enjoyed free tickets to The Producers. Loved it. Much funnier than the 2005 film version (or even the original Mel Brooks movie), the play is a brilliant combination of physical, situational, political, and general humor. No wonder it’s the most award winning play in history.

The political message of the play can be summed up in a line of dialog from the second act

“You made a fool of the Fuerher!”
“He didn’t need our help!”

Yet Mel Brooks’ vicious, satirical attack on the Nazi Party and German ultranationalism was not condemned by Nebraska’s sizeable German community. The reason is obvious: American Germans do not see Nazis as part of their community, American Germans are not sympathetic to Nazi Party ideals or methods, and very few American Germans would view the American government as partially or largely at fault for World War II.

Goose steps are the new steps for me

American Germans do not “respect” Nazis and Americans do not “respect” the Nazi Party.

As for more contemporary enemies

Long Island University has fired five students from their positions as resident assistants at the C.W. post campus after they posted a fake hostage video on the Internet with the pretend hostage takers speaking in Middle Eastern accents.

“This is not an issue of free speech, but rather an issue of respect for others and insensitively to acts of violence,” university Provost Joseph Shenker said in a statement obtained by FOXNews.com

In the video, five figures in ski masks speak in crude Middle Eastern accents as they threaten a ‘captive’ — a rubber duck named ‘Pete’ that serves as the mascot of a residence hall at the campus, Newsday first reported. The video was posted on the Web sites Google and YouTube, but it has since been removed, according to the newspaper.

A search of those two sites on Thursday also failed to recover the video, which Shenker said was reported by residence life staff to administrators on Jan. 30.

Rabiah Ahmed of The Council on American-Islamic Relations told FOXNews.com that based on what was reported about the video, “it does stereotype Muslims in a negative way.”

Previously on Islam withoout IronyThe Case of Robert Redeker.

The Wary Guerrilla, Part II: Terrorism

In 1969, Arthur D. Lewis wrote (407):

If we have thought about it at all, I think many of us have simply assumed that man, being rational, would respond logically to a changing environment. He would adapt himself to his environment simply because that was the sensible thing to do. But this is not the case. Social man reacts irrationally to radical change.

Lewis was half right: man reacts irrationally to any change.

At least, that’s the case if by irrational we mean non-self interested. And this is by and large a good thing. People in general act as if they are more concerned about distributive justice than personal gain (Guth & Tietz, 1990; Fehr & Gachter, 2000). Even a partial list of the pro-social behaviors that have been observed is monumental (Rankin, Bruning, & Timme, 1994; Hibbing & Theiss-Morse, 2001; Sanfey et al., 2003; Smith et al, 2004; Hibbing & Alford, 2004; Jervis, 2004; Larimer, Hannagan, and Smith, 2006).

Yet not all cooperative behavior is desirable. The human trait of war (Muller, 1958) –coalitionary killing — is shared by our closest relatives, the chimpanzees (Wrangham, 1999), as well as with much smaller creatures (Lenski & Riley, 2002; Wilson & Holldobler, 2005). Among such species, cooperation among an in-group can lead to hostility towards outgroups (Sapolsky, 2006). Other forms of often undesirable cooperation exist as well (Wiley, 1988; Nowell & Laufer, 1997).

Suicide-bombing is a form of undesirable, altruistic cooperation. Terrorism and punishment are both purposeful violence (Butler, 2002) designed to change behavior. Altruistic punishment is a form of decentralized punishment (Orbell et al., 2004) which leads to cooperation over repeated encounters (Bender & Mookherjee, 1987). Such deterrence can be successful even when multiple, potentially hostile groups compose a population (Afri, 2000). Some scientific work hints at analogues in controlled settings. Punishment has been observed in the lab even when it will not improve the material or social condition of the punisher (Boyd, Gintis, Bowles, & Richardson, 2003). However, more must be done.

Previous attempts to build a profile of suicide terrorism have failed (Sprinzak, 2000). The variety of environments in which suicide bombing is expressed (Ganguly, 1988; Keerawella & Samarajiva, 1995; Talmon, 2005; Wald, 1984; Weiss, 2001) seems to be matched only by the variety of potential explanations (Allen, 2002; Adoni, 1997; Ball, 2002; Borneman, 2001; Lorber, 2002). Yet regardless of how the issue is framed (see Jenkins 1986; Kerry 1997; Bush, 2002) the need to know how to deter such adversaries is clear (Jervis, 2002; Yoo, 2003).

Currently, there are only a few agreed upon characteristics of terrorists. Most terrorists are male (Thompson, 2006), and they are generally well educated, generally well off, and feel humiliated (Atran, 2003). This paper proposes a “Wary Guerrilla” type that can be identified in the laboratory. This type acts more similarly to a suicide bomber, punishers more harshly, than any gameplay type previously identified. If the wary guerrilla is shown to exist, our knowledge of how to fight terrorism is advanced.

The Wary Guerrilla, a tdaxp series
1. Abstract
2. Terrorism
3. Predictions
4. An Experiment
5. Results
6. Absolute Guerrilla
7. Those Who Cause Less Pain
8. Future Research
9. Political Implications
10. Bibliography

Afro-Islamic Gap v. Old Core

IQ and the Non-Integrating Gap,” by Arcane, gnxp, 26 September 2004, http://www.gnxp.com/MT2/archives/002790.html.

The great divide: Pew surveys Muslim public opinion,” by Allahpundit, Hot Air, 22 June 2006, http://hotair.com/archives/2006/06/22/the-great-divide-pew-surveys-muslim-public-opinion/ (from Michelle Malkin).

Air chaos as terror plot foiled,” by Michael Holden and and David Clarke, The Standard, 11 August 2006, http://www.thestandard.com.hk/news_detail.asp?pp_cat=16&art_id=24845&sid=9270156&con_type=3.

I’ve previously noted how the Non-Integrating Gap — those areas that are getting worse as globalization makes the world as a whole a better place — exports her violence to the Core — those areas benefiting the most from the global economy, Specifically I outlined how the Gap exported her terror to India and Israel.

Now the United Kingdom has been struck

British police foiled a suspected plot to blow up several aircraft mid-flight between Britain and the United States in what Washington said might have been an attempted al-Qaeda strike.

“We are confident we have disrupted a plan by terrorists to cause untold death and destruction,” said London police’s Deputy Commissioner Paul Stephenson Thursday. “Put simply, this was intended to be mass murder on an unimaginable scale.”

Sources said some of those held are British Muslims.

The security alert comes 13 months after four British Islamist suicide bombers killed 52 people and injured about 700 on London’s transport network.

While the Gap is both African and Islamic

Red = Gap, Yellow = Seam, Green = Core

A few things should be obvious:

  • The merely “African” portion of the Gap does not export terrorism. Terror — from India to Israel to England — is exported by Muslims. Islam is not a race, an ethnicity, or a nationality. It is a religion.
  • As a religion, it exists regardless of social status. During the London Train Bombings, we saw how a Muslim teacher of disabled children was part of the terror plot.
  • As a religion, it exists with little regard for geography. It appears the Muslims to were going to conduct this terror attack were British citizens.

The Global War on Terror, our long war, will be won when the Islamic world is lifted up from the Gap. This is for our benefit — no more of them exporting disease, plague, war, and terror, and for theirs. The Gap traps human beings in misery, poverty, and ignorance. The borders of the “non-integrating gap” are also very close to the borders of the lowest IQ nations:

Our actions, which are designed to change rulesets of action, thought, and behavior in the Islamic World, are going to invite retaliatory strikes…. even if the host populations of our enemies do not see a connection:

Therefore, we must firewall ourselves off from the terrorism of the Islamic Gap while changing regime rulesets of the Islamic Gap. Or, in simpler English, we are an open society, but we do not have to be an open society for all people at all times. And it may not be the risk.

Republican Senators Understand Barnett’s "Flows"

Grand strategist Thomas PM Barnett defines four “flows” of the contemporary world

(1) the movement of people from the Gap to the Core;
(2) the movement of energy from the Gap to the New Core;
(3) the movement of money from the Old Core to the New Core;
(4) the exporting of security that only America can provide to the Gap

Now the Republican Senate identifies two more

(5) the movement of clean air from the New Core to the Old Core
(6) the movement of terrorism from the Gap to the Core

and is about to speed up one, and decrease the other

Barnett’s third flow, as well as the two tdaxp flows, are on display in a Senate Republican proposal

Most American taxpayers would get $100 rebate checks to offset the pain of higher pump prices for gasoline, under an amendment Senate Republicans hope to bring to a vote soon.

However, the GOP energy package may face tough sledding because it also includes a controversial proposal to open part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil exploration, which most Democrats and some moderate Republicans oppose.

“Our plan would give taxpayers a hundred dollar gas tax holiday rebate check to help ease the pain that they’re feeling at the pump,” Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist announced Thursday.

This is an amazingly good idea.

  • It will make the New Core’s (Argentina, China, etc) rise easier, by not making them compete with the Old Core for energy sources that the Old Core doesn’t need.
  • It sets an environmental standard that the people of the New Core will see and demand for themselves.
  • It prevents the worst of the Gap, which invariably comes from oil-producing states, from destabilizing the Core

The $100 rebate for expensive gas is a great idea because it paves the way for a geogreen gas tax. As I proposed last year, and reiterated again this week, we need a high tax on gasoline that is rebated in direct payments of heads of households. This has the benefit of discouraging gasoline consumption, while not taking discretionary spending dollars away from average Americans.

In particular, this plan is much better than the insane Democrat Party alternative which would suspend the gas tax. At a moment when the American people are most aware of the dangers of dependency on foreign oil, the Democrats want to encourage that dependency by encouraging oil consumption.

The Democrats’ plan is as terrible as it is hypocritical, for a party that supposedly cares about the environment.

So, in conclusion, tdaxp applauds the Republican Senates for proposing this first step towards a Barnettian, geogreen solution to our oil woes. And tdaxp condemns the Democrats who would harm our environment, and our national security, by supercharging oil consumption.

Think geostrategy. Think environmentalism. Think “geogreen.” And think Republican.

The Abortion of Tolerable European Islam

Chirol’s recent three part series on the Third World in the United States (I,II, and III) warn us of the dangers of importing dysfunctional cultures to the developed world. “Connectivity” is not the answer to cultures that been destroyed. Especially if the new host culture is its inflexible.

Germans in a Brothel
(No Blasphemous Imagery, Inshallah!)

Which is why the Islamization of Europe is idiotic.

I’m sympathetic towards immigration, and I have traditionally supported Turkey-in-Europe. But all over Europe, we see violent resistance by Muslim immigrants (and their descendants) combined with insane government actions.

The application of terrorism to the mundane is now a Muslim-European tradition. Not only was Theo van Gogh murdered for speech that did not pass the Islamist test, now his replacement has been attacked, too. And a brothel has been threatened by anti cartoonist Muslim thugs for having the wrong images on their display.

European governments are responding with that mix of heartlessness and counter-productiveness which marked their efforts in the World Wars. The Netherlands wonder if modest Muslim women should be ineligible for the social safety net. And Finland turns on its own, and may arrest cartoonists in an effort to pre-emptively surrender.

Turkey’s marriage to the European Union would have been one of the greatest moves in geopolitical history. But with the inability of Europe to mainstream its Muslim population, it maybe a journey too far.