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Obama, captive of his court

Really good news. Both some unexpected humility from Barack Obama, and evidence that he has already begun relying on “Advisers,” thus minimizing the role of Obama in any future Obama administration:

Political Punch
“That’s exactly right,” Obama said. “And the truth is that we’ve got a bunch of smart people, I think, who know ten times more than we do about the specifics of the topics. And so if what you’re trying to do is micromanage and solve everything then you end up being a dilettante but you have to have enough knowledge to make good judgments about the choices that are presented to you.”

Obama’s own beliefs and statements are dangerous enough to make me root for an Obama of the Establishment. It looks like, if he’s elected, that’s what we are going to get.

A vote for Obama is a vote against Change.

Barack Obama, the Candidate of the Establishment (on the Surge, as with everything else)

Barack Obama is the candidate of the Establishment, “Dr. No-Change,” who will flip and flop with the views of the Establishment of the government and the Democratic Party. This might be a good thing. Having a smart, intelligent, and ambitiousness President would lead to changes, some of which may be harmful. As it is, Obama’s plan to coast on our greatness isn’t half bad.

The deception angle of it is annoying, however. Obama was against the surge, before he was for it, not that you would know it.

A funny thing happened over on the Barack Obama campaign website in the last few days.

The parts that stressed his opposition to the 2007 troop surge and his statement that more troops would make no difference in a civil war have somehow disappeared. John McCain and Obama have been going at it heavily in recent days over the benefits of the surge.

The Arizona senator, who advocated the surge for years before the Bush administration employed it, says the resulting reduction in violence is proof it worked with progress on 15 of 18 political benchmarks and Obama’s plan to withdraw troops by now would have resulted in surrender.

It wasn’t just Obama’s website that contradicts itself. Obama’s surrogates contradict Obama, as well:

In The Post American World Fareed Zakaria argues that America’s (relatively) incurious, unintelligent, and small-minded political class hurts American competitiveness. Certainy this is true to a point. But having a country where the best and brightest shun politics has it advantages. When changes do come, they have an inevitable and irreversible quality to them. Similarly, a country where the best and brightest stay out of politics is where truly ambitious government programs are — thankfully — unlikely.

I’ll take an ambitious business-climate over an ambitious government-climate any day.