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Voting Behavior

The 5th Gradient of War, 5GW, relies on altering the observations of an enemy. This is often taken to mean that 5GW means secrecy, but it can involve manipulating perceptions in a way that changes behavior without a change of “heart” (which would be the role of 4GW). Two recent articles present possibilities for the 5GWarrior. First, Aherring’s “Where You Vote and How You Vote: Proto-5GW Thinking in a Study of the Context of Voting” explicitly ties changing perceptions into 5GW. The post is doubly exciting because I had previously worked on original research where we demonstrated something similar. Secondly, Razib’s “Heritability of voting includes the remarkable line: 53% of the variance in turnout behavior can be accounted for by additive genetic effects .

The second link is most interesting in the context of xGW. If some future 5GWarrior would attack the genetic code of some population to change the behaviors they engage in, would that be one of the already discussed gradients of warfare, or something else?