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Is DirectBuy Hacking Wikipedia?

I don’t know, but Wikipedia’s Revision history for “DirectBuy” now discusses “possible user of sleeper accounts. The text that keeps getting removed reads:


Many customers have complained that they have been deceived by DirectBuy into signing expensive contracts for the privilege of purchasing goods supplied by the company. A three-year membership usually costs about $5,000, with yearly fees in the hundreds layered on top of that. Furthermore, potential members are told at the information sessions that unless they commit to it right then and there, they will be ineligible for membership for another seven years. While DirectBuy prices have been proven to be lower than some of their competitors’ prices, all purchased items incur a processing and shipping fee, which is not included in the original price quote. In many cases, these additional costs usually bring the total price to that above what can usually be found at many traditional retailers.[citation needed]

Critics of DirectBuy

The section has been removed repeated by users “Wiseard” and”

While it is clear that DirectBuy intimidates those who complain and floods the web with spam, the question of whether they violate Wikipedia‘s conflict of interest policy is an open question. Certainly I’ve run against over-zealous wikipedians in the past (who deleted the entry for “5GW” and wished to destroy information on “Unrestricted Warfare“), so nothing is certain at this time.

Chinese Wikis and Chinese Flags

Wikipedia Is a Hit in China As Ban Is Lifted,” Wall Street Journal, 15 November 2006, http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB116355788891123450-tqM_m9_qDsL5EWEFgW4o6zHBSIQ_20061214.html?mod=tff_main_tff_top (from Slashdot).

The Chinese version of wikipedia is exploding in popularity, after the Communist party legalized it

Activity on nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation’s Chinese Wikipedia site has skyrocketed since its release, which Internet users in China first started reporting on Nov. 10. Since then, the number of new users registering to contribute to the site has exceeded 1,200 a day, up from an average of 300 to 400 prior to the unblocking. The number of new articles posted daily has increased 75% from the week before, with the total now surpassing 100,000, according to the foundation.

The unblocking of Chinese-language Wikipedia makes the site’s user-generated content accessible to a much larger share of China’s Internet population, which now numbers more than 120 million.

While stumbling my way through the hanzi, I came across this historical poster arguing for the continuity of the Republic of China from the founding to Chiang Kaishek’s reign:

The Chinese Republic For Ever

It is a reminder that Mao is not the only Chinese leader to supress the Sun Disk. The first flag of the Chinese Republic, as well as the flags of the (illegitimate) Manchu State and the (illegimiate) Empire of China also were Sun-Disk-less.

Chinese Republic, Chinese Empire, Manchu State

More historical Chinese flags are available at China Since 1912.