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Zune 6K

I love music, and my employer offers an interesting service called “Zune” which combines very good visualization software  with the ability to use a music rental service. While I probably wouldn’t be using Zune to ‘rent’ music  if I didn’t work here, I still would think it’s the best music visualization software I’ve encountered. Right now I’m listening to Silence! – The Musical, but as I listened to by 6,000th track on Zune, I was listening to Thao & Mirah, by Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn and Thao Nguyen.

Rock on!

Zune Music

After finishing my goal of listening to every song in my iTunes library this year, I’ve transitioned over to Zune. Zune and iTunes are comparable in their experience, and the choice of software depends on your choice of portalble music player (XBOX / Windows Phone 7 v. iPod / iPhone). In any case, I’ve now listened to 1,000 songs on the Zune desktop software, and thought I would share the visualization at the time:

Some of the better albums on the visualization are Departing, by The Rural Alberta Advantage, Easy Wonderful, by Guster, and The Age of Adz, by Sufjan Stevens. (Guiltier pleasures on the list are A Brief History of Rhyme by M.C. Hawking and I Love You by Tila Tequila.)